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Meet and Greet

A recent article published by a legal firm regarding buying a horse "sight unseen" really surprised me. Would someone really do that? It costs so much less to make a trip to see a horse than deal with any issues that arise.

In my years of working with Ashley, my wife and head trainer at RCS Iberian Sport Horses, we've had every buyer and potential buyer come to the facility. To my knowledge, no one has ever wanted or even asked about purchasing a horse from the video alone. I think our videos are good, but that not that good.

In fact, some our buyers and "near" buyers have come to RCS more than once. And why not? Just a few miles northwest of Boerne in the Texas Hill Country, it's a great place to visit when you come to look at one of the Lusitanos for sale.

In the Fall especially, when the Texas heat is finally fading, there's nothing like a brisk morning ride at RCS and some relaxation time in downtown Boerne.

Not everyone who visits RCS buys, but everyone who's made the trip has enjoyed the experience in South Texas.

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