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Create a Great video for a Great Horse

As someone who spent twenty years in television news, I'm amazed and sometimes surprised at the poor quality of videos posted for sale horses. It's not always that way; I see some out there that look pretty good. You can see that time was spent in the planning and production of the video.

Still, when I see a horse advertised for $50,000 and the video looks like it cost about $50.00, I wonder what the seller is thinking. A great video cannot make a so-so horse look better. However, if you have a quality horse, no matter what its specialty, a lousy video, shaky with a bad camera, just doesn't make sense. High quality digital cameras don't cost much anymore.

AND MUSIC DOESN'T MAKE IT ANY BETTER. Throwing a country western song over the top of a crummy video doesn't make the video look better. It just forces the viewer to turn down the sound.

In the next few weeks, I'll go over some tips for producing quality equine sales videos. Ashley, the head trainer at RCS Iberian Sport Horses (and my wife) has received numerous compliments on our videos. On a small budget, I believe a few tips will make it a simple and fun experience.

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