Chipotle JAF

2006 Black Bay Lusitano Gelding



2010 Black Lusitano Gelding


Granjeno is the Porsche of horses. His amazing athleticism, "cat like" movement and easy going nature make him a wonderful dressage prospect. I competed Granjeno's father Armillita several years ago hence the name Jr. Jr is the spitting image of his father. Same color, markings and movement yet Jr has a sweet calm personality. He arrived in the US about 4 months ago and began his dressage training. Prior to his arrival he was a family riding horse so he is broke, tame and sweet. Jr's athletic ability has made the transition into dressage quite easy and he seems to like it. Jr has clean xrays and no stable vices. He stands quiet for the farrier and enjoys being groomed and bathed.
The video was taken at Jr's first outing. We went to a schooling show to see how he would react in a strange environment. I entered him in some easy 1st level classes. As you see he did great

Chipotle is an amazing and fun horse to ride. He's had about 3 years of dressage training and I have no doubt he'll make the right person a competitive FEI horse. Chip is schooling the 4th level requirements and has a knack for passage. Chip enjoy's being loved and kissed on while being groomed. He's quiet for the farrier and trailers like a pro. Under saddle Chip wakes up and becomes and energetic and somewhat hot participant. This gives him the power needed for the advanced movements. Chip doesn't buck, bolt or kick out but he needs a confident rider to guide him through moments where he lacks confidence and can become tense. He doesn't enjoy trail rides and prefers the daily routine of arena work. He does however enjoy trotting and galloping up and down the path of hills.
Chipotle would be the perfect horse for a gutsy junior or AA wanting an advanced horse but are limited by a green horse budget.
No lameness or stable vices. X rays done prior to importation are clean. To see video's of his training thru the last few years go to YouTube, do a search for "Barry Brickman Chipotle" and all his video's will come up.


2012 Grey Lusitano Gelding


"Zio" is developing nicely as a dressage prospect. His current program consists of lunging, sometimes over poles, going out on trails with a buddy and schooling in the arena. He is working on lateral and longitudinal suppleness and building an honest connection. He schools bending lines, corners, leg-yields, lots of transitions with a focus on stretching toward the bridle. He is a willing participant who loves to be told how great he is doing. Zio likes people and is attentive when being groomed, tacked up and ridden. He stands for the farrier and has no vices. X-rays clean.

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